Updated: Feb 12, 2020

As the times are continuously changing, so should the standards for having to be in a relationship. Sure, in the 1980’s and 1990’s getting married and having a family was the “norm” and by the time you got to a certain age you were expected to have accomplished this task. As the ever-evolving millennials continue to question the way of the world, there has been quite a decrease in the amount of people racing to the Altar. The median age of marriage has risen to 29.5 for men and 27.4 for women in 2017, up from 23 for men and 20.8 for women in 1970. (nytimes.com)

So why is it that single people are feeling more and more pressure from external factors to find someone? Experts can’t pinpoint where the pressure to find a partner, get married or even have children comes from, but some can be linked to culture, religion, and gender roles. (globalnews.ca)

When feelings of pressure start to arise, it is very important to center yourself and remember what is truly important to you. The question arises, do I find someone that does not add happiness to my life just to satisfy the people around me? If you ever feel that the answer is yes, it is time to explore your inner self. There are many ways this can be achieved, whether it be through self-help books, therapy, or hiring a Life Coach (www.mycoachnichole.com) figuring out your values and staying true to them will keep your own personal journey to happiness.

In today’s high pressured, judgmental society, taking your time to find someone should be made a priority. Keeping yourself busy throughout the day will help change your thoughts to a more productive view than to worry about finding your next love.

Get involved with groups in your local area, join a gym that offers group exercise, or to get the ultimate companion feeling, get a pet. There are dog beaches and parks all over and offers a great way to meet people and keep your mind off of the repetitive topic. Experts have found that the number one reason that people are happy is because of their sense of community.

Getting involved with groups of people will help release dopamine in the brain and you will realize that just focusing on finding one person to be with is so limiting!

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