Meet Nichole

Born a Wisconsin native, and dedicated to basketball my entire younger years, confidence always played a key role in all of my endeavors. I learned at a very young age that if I didn't believe in myself, the odds of anyone else doing that for me were slim to none. After attending 10 schools by tenth grade, I learned how to adapt to any situation and make friends with absolutely everyone. As I continued on my journey and played collegiate basketball, I knew that I wanted more out of life. I packed up all that I owned (which was not much) and headed to Harlem, NY. Here, I was determined to start my own shoe company for tall women. While living there, I was accepted into Law School and relocated to Florida.


My journey taught me endless lessons about life and myself, but it wasn't until I found myself continuously getting into abusive and toxic relationships that I questioned my true self worth. The inner journey that took place from the moment of awareness has changed my life forever. Understanding your worth and demanding respect from yourself and others is a lesson we are never formally taught. I have made it my mission to help others that struggle with self esteem, self respect, values, and confidence. The world can be a scary place, if you are not sure about who are and learn how to stand in your power. If you identify with any of this, schedule a call. 


  • Juris Doctorate From Western Michigan University

  • IPEC Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching Graduate

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Currently working on a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

  • Taught confidence training at an all-girl's school in Tampa

Life is short and every day should be exciting & fulfilling.

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